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LabAgenda is

Simple to use and manage

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Control every aspect of

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The do-it-all scheduling tool to keep your lab running at peak efficiency!


Say goodbye to the days of overbooked conference rooms, arguing over flow cytometers, running out of chemicals and that pesky person who schedules equipment indefinitely.


What does LabAgenda do to solve these common issues? A whole heck of a lot.


With our free version you can...

  • Define your lab equipment and resources.
  • Set up users with different access rights.
  • Schedule equipment use.
  • Update your personal calendar.




Our new paid premium edition offers even MORE precise control and oversight of lab resources:

  • Recurring bookings: book resources at the same time each day, week, month or year.
  • Min/Max time limits: set to constrain reservation durations.
  • Min/Max lead time: set for equipment that can’t be reserved on short notice or far in advance.
  • Buffer time: set to allow for set up/tear down time between reservations.
  • Capacity limits: set a maximum number of participants per reservation.
  • Equipment accessories: select accessories from a database to reserve with other equipment.
  • Quotas: set maximum hours or number of reservations per day, week, month or year.
  • Reservation invitations: invite collaborators to make a reservation.
  • Credits: bill users for reservations.













For QUARTZY users - a special import feature is included to enable smooth transition to LabAgenda.  It is simple - Be sure to export the data and you will be able to import it directly into LabAgenda.


# of Users Academic Commercial
1-9 Users $25 $75
10-19 Users $15 $45
20-29 Users $12 $36
30+ Users $10 $30


# of Users Academic Commercial
1-9 Users $39 $117
10-19 Users $24 $72
20-29 Users $19 $57
30+ Users $15 $45

Introductory Pricing (available until December 31st, 2019)

Final Pricing (begins January 1st, 2020)

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What is LabAgenda?: LabAgenda by LabArchives is a calendar and scheduling service for the management and scheduling of laboratory equipment.  It provides a centralized calendar and sign up facility to enable members of the lab to schedule usage of various resources in the lab.


Benefits of using LabAgenda?: Say goodbye to sign up sheets and quarrels over who is using the flow cytometer at 2pm. See at a glance what is being used, when and by whom. Eliminate double bookings and maximize the usage of expensive equipment.


Can reservation requests go through an approval step?: Equipment can be set up to require an approval from a PI or other lab manager.


I have extra information I want to collect when someone makes a reservation, can I do that?: LabAgenda allows for an unlimited number of additional attributes, so you can record all information necessary with each reservation. This info will show up on the reservation details as well as in your reports.


How can I prevent overbooking?:  Maximum reservation times can be set. Quotas can be used to ensure that individuals are not exceeding a limit on how often or how long they can use a piece of equipment.


Can I import an equipment list that I already use?:  Yes, LabAgenda supports imports of equipment, users and reservations so you don’t have to recreate anything that’s already been recorded.


What if a piece of equipment is unavailable due to repair?:  If there is scheduled downtime, simply blackout the expected repair times. If there is an immediate repair needed, you can take the equipment offline and cancel any reservations for that time.


Have additional questions? Let us know by sending us an email: support@labagenda.com



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